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NWFL Week 5 Preview: National League and Development Leagues Action

NWFL Week 5

Photo: Estelle Mai

The NWFL Week 5 is set to deliver another thrilling round of football, featuring matchups in both the National League 9v9 format and the Development League 7v7 format. With pivotal games on the horizon, teams are vying for critical victories that could shape their season trajectories.


NWFL National League

Leeds Chargers (1-0) vs Teesside Steelers (0-1) – 12 pm

The Leeds Chargers, currently sitting in third place, will face the Teesside Steelers, who are in fifth. Leeds are coming off a record-setting 92-57 victory over the Manchester Titans in Week 2, showcasing their offensive prowess. Historically, Leeds has dominated Teesside, winning all three of their encounters in the 2022 season. Teesside, however, is looking to rebound from a tough 62-6 loss to division leaders Birmingham Lions.


Peterborough Royals (0-1) vs Manchester Titans (0-2) – 12 pm

Peterborough Royals, currently fourth in the standings, will take on the Manchester Titans, who are at the bottom of the league in seventh place. Peterborough's last outing resulted in a 47-0 defeat at the hands of the reigning champions, the London Warriors. Manchester, struggling with a defence conceding an average of 78 points per game, aims to find their first win despite scoring an impressive 57 points against Leeds in Week 2.


NWFL Development North

Hosted by Newcastle Shieldmaidens

Newcastle Shieldmaidens (0-4) vs Caledonia Chaos (4-0) – 11 am

Caledonia Chaos (4-0) vs Cheshire Bears (2-2) – 1 pm

Newcastle Shieldmaidens (0-4) vs Cheshire Bears (2-2) – 3 pm

The Development North league sees the Newcastle Shieldmaidens hosting a triple-header. The Shieldmaidens are yet to secure a win this season and face a tough challenge against the undefeated Caledonia Chaos. The Chaos, who are scoring at an impressive rate of 38 points per game, can clinch the division title with two wins. The Cheshire Bears need two victories to stay in contention with the Chaos. Based on previous performances, predictions favour Chaos to go 2-0, Bears to split their games, and Shieldmaidens to continue their search for a win. Should the results go as expected then the Bears and Chaos will solidify their places in the proposed finals cross-conference tournament being formalised by BAFA.


NWFL Development South

Hosted by Cardiff Valkyries

Cardiff Valkyries (1-3) vs Norwich Devils (1-3) – 1 pm

Hertfordshire Cheetahs (3-1) vs Kent Exiles (3-1) – 1 pm

Hertfordshire Cheetahs (3-1) vs Cardiff Valkyries (1-3) – 3 pm

Kent Exiles (3-1) vs Norwich Devils (1-3) – 3 pm

The Development South league action in Cardiff promises intriguing matchups. Hertfordshire Cheetahs, coming off a 2-0 performance in the last tournament where they defeated Kent and Norwich, look to continue their strong form. Kent Exiles, who surprisingly went 1-1 last time, aim to bounce back and solidify their position. Cardiff Valkyries and Norwich Devils both seek to improve their 1-3 records. The outcomes here could shape the standings significantly as teams vie for a spot in the proposed “finals tournament”.



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