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NWFL Week 4 – National League Returns

NWFL Week 4

Photo: Inside Britball Media

Week 4 of the National Women's Football League (NWFL) sees the return of the highly competitive National League, featuring thrilling 9v9 matchups that promise to be action-packed. This week, all eyes will be on two key fixtures: Birmingham Lions vs. Manchester Titans and London Warriors vs. Solent Thrashers.


Birmingham Lions vs Manchester Titans

Both Birmingham Lions and Manchester Titans experienced mixed fortunes in their games two weeks ago. The Birmingham Lions find themselves at the top of the division after a commanding 62-6 victory over the Teesside Steelers. Their powerful offence and resilient defence have set a high standard for the season.

The Manchester Titans, on the other hand, have proven they possess a potent passing attack and dangerous special teams. Despite this, their defence needs significant improvement, having conceded 92 points in their last outing against the Leeds Chargers. As league newcomers, the Titans face a tough challenge against the perennial finalists, the Lions, and will need to shore up their defensive efforts to stand a chance.


London Warriors vs Solent Thrashers

This matchup is a rematch from Week 1, where the London Warriors triumphed over the Solent Thrashers with a score of 50-20. Despite the loss, Solent demonstrated they are no pushovers with an effective offence. The key question is what lessons Solent have learned from their first game at the 9v9 format and how they will apply them this week.

The London Warriors have continued their impressive form, convincingly defeating Peterborough 47-0 at home two weeks ago. Their dominant performances have them sitting in second place, largely due to their average points conceded. With two dominant victories under their belt, the Warriors are eager to make it three in a row.



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